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Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see. Victor was the dominant figure in the record and phonograph market in the early s. There is much published about them so I will not attempt to tell the story here. Victor was started by Eldridge R. Johnson, a machinist from Camden, NJ. His first records came out in The first two labels are considered “Pre-Dog” labels, as they lack the famous Nipper logo yet to be used.

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The name ‘Victrola’ was the trademark for early console phonographs with enclosed horns first marketed by the Victor Talking Machine Company in The ‘Victrola’ trademark also appeared on most Red Seal records rather than ‘Victor’ issued in the US from around until , then from until early Many early reissues on the RCA Victrola label included recordings from the historic RCA Victor “Living Stereo” series first released in , using triple channel stereophonic tapes recorded as early as

Store your vinyl records in style with the Victrola Vinyl Record Storage Case. The addition of a Walmart Protection Plan adds extra protection from the date of.

That record must be a quarter of an inch thick! The knowledge that you will probably never complete your collection just adds to the thrill. This is record collecting at its most pure and primal. They can only be played on a certain type of player, and they steadfastly avoid any musical bag that gets the rest of the collecting world so hot under the collar.

To collect Edison records is the epitome of devotion. In , Thomas Edison shown here circa invented the phonograph, the first device that could record and play back sound.

RCA Victrola

By Hoag Levins March 4, A group of visiting senior citizens gathered around the wooden horn of the year-old music player stepped back, obviously surprised by the power of the sound. Previously sedate, the group’s members became animated.

Innovative Technology will add the year-old Victrola Brand to their prices with more than 3 million vintage records players to date.

Quick Search Search. It was manufactured for about a year. It had storage for about ten records in the lid. Like other phonographs of the time, the steel needles were intended to be changed after each play. Acoustic phonographs were completely mechanical, there were no electrically powered elements. When played, the needle rode in the groves on the record.

The needle was attached to a diaphragm which vibrated, reproducing, to a limited degree, the original sound. The tone arm is a hollow tube which, attached to the back of the wooden cabinet, acted as a megaphone. No Permission is required to use the low-resolution watermarked image for educational use, or as allowed by the applicable copyright. For all other uses, permission is required. Please post your comment below to share with others.

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Collecting Edison discs proves to be an addictive hobby

Vinyl reissue of collection of demos written and recorded at Polly Harvey’s home in It includes eight demos of songs from the albu Reissue on vinyl of the first PJ Harvey studio album in the Island Records catalog, and her second studio album. Produced by Steve Albini and ori It goes without saying that the global metal scene would not be the same without Sepultura.

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Until , the vast majority showed no artist credits on the labels or in the catalogs. This copyrighted publication is intended for personal, non-commercial use only. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution by any means, including but not limited to e-book or online database conversion, is prohibited. Please read, and be sure to observe, our terms of use as outlined in the file, so that we can continue to offer these free publications.

Part 2 in the Vocalion Discography series — covering the vertical-cut and pre classical, operatic, and miscellaneous series — is in final fact-checking and editing for release this Spring. Part 3, covering the Brunswick-era issues, obviously is a much longer-range project. As with all titles in the Library, Mainspring Press holds the exclusive publication and distribution rights to this work in all forms, print or digital.

Please be sure to read and adhere to all terms of use as detailed in the individual files. Mike LoScalzo? A bit of a mystery here. Mike Loscalzo? Same comments as above. Believe the old tale that the first jazz record Victor , by the Original Dixieland Jass Band sold a million copies?

Victrola storage case for vinyl turntable records

A wooden Edison talking machine foreground , which plays celluloid cylinders, is among Kinney Rorrer’s collection of vintage record players. He also collects thousands of 78 rpm records. Some have wooden horns and others have metal horns. Most are displayed on or within exquisite wooden cabinets. His wife Bonnie gave him the Nipper Victrola dog for his 50th birthday.

For his 50th birthday, his wife gave him a large statue of “Nipper,” the dog featured in RCA Victor advertisements.

It had storage for about ten records in the lid. Like other phonographs of the time, the steel needles were intended to be changed after each play. Acoustic.

Series I. Enrico Caruso Box 1 This series consists of 25 78 r. The albums were produced by the Victor Talking Machine Co. The date noted for each recording represents the date the song was first recorded by Caruso. Enrico Caruso was born on February 25, , in Naples, Italy. One of seven children and only one of three who made it to adolescence , he was a bright and precocious child who had a talent for singing.

While his father believed Enrico would follow in his footsteps as a mechanic, his mother encouraged the boy to follow his natural talent in singing. While Caruso enjoyed success as an opera singer, he would not record his voice until he was in his late twenties.


There are also two other variations of each type which are available, but in every case Period Victrolas are made to order only. Today, when for the first time you have brought a Victrola into your home, we wish it were possible to show you how much this, the most versatile and so the most satisfying musical instrument in all the world, can be made to entertain, to console and to inspire. Victor records represent a moment of inspired achievement in the life of some great artist. We believe, utterly, that no matter with what delight you may have anticipated the possession of a Victrola, you will still have fallen far short of complete realization of its possibilities—of the extent to which through the whole scale of human emotions its music may become woven into the fabric of your spiritual life and your physical well-being.

Art is art, no matter what form it may take, and those who are sincere in their musical opinions will no more despise the lighter and more popular music than they will despise good music which is the product of other kinds of feeling and other rhythms.

VICTROLA/Maritime Tatami/DARK ENTRIES – London’s leading Vinyl Records Specialist based in Soho, London W1.

The band formed in Messina, but later relocated to Florence to join the rich musical scene there with Neon, Pankow, Alexander Robotnick and Diaframma. Beginning as a 4-piece combo two guitarists, bassist, drummer in , they slimmed down to a synthesizer and guitar-based duo a few years later. Oblique minor-key bass lines provide an anchor while snappy, brittle rhythms propel the track along. The lyrics tell the story of Tatami, a boy from a fishing town who yearns for a new life in the big city.

An angular guitar riff repeats hypnotically, as fragile icy synth lines chime emptily above it. The vinyl comes housed in an exact replication of the original jacket, and includes an insert with lyrics and never-before-seen photos. In this section you can review orders you have placed under this account. If you order has been completed, you will be able to download an invoice for it in PDF format by clicking the corresponding link. You will need to have PDF reader application installed on your computer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view it.

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Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now. Victrola was first introduced to the American public in by The Victor Talking Machine Company of Camden, NJ and produced over 8 million units of distinctive records players and radios.

Note on both records the “lease agreement” on top half of the label. The last five labels have a patent date of May and just say “Victor.

The company was founded by engineer Eldridge R. Johnson , who had been manufacturing gramophones for inventor Emile Berliner , to play his disc records. The Victor Talking Machine Co. Victor had acquired the Pan-American rights to use the now famous trademark of the fox terrier Nipper quizzically listening to a gramophone when Berliner and Johnson affiliated their fledgling companies. See also His Master’s Voice. The original painting was an oil on canvas by Francis Barraud in

Encyclopedic Discography of Victor Recordings Project History

By Maribeth Keane — December 18th, Paul Edie talks about collecting antique Victor Victrola phonographs , including inside and outside horn models, the history of the company, and the evolution of the phonograph machines in general. When I was around 10, my grandfather passed away, and my dad brought home his Victrola and stuck it under the stairs in the basement. It was a — my grandfather bought it right before World War I.

One day I was messing around and opened it up and started playing with it. It intrigued me.

Six Victrola Records from the Trenches managed to haul a Victrola phonograph to France after he enlisted in the 42nd Rainbow Division Date.

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Victor Talking Machine Company

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RCA Victrola was a budget record label introduced by RCA Victor in the early s to reissue The ‘Victrola’ trademark also appeared on most Red Seal records (rather than ‘Victor’) issued in the US from from opera’s golden age, dating back to its beginnings as the Victor Talking Machine Company in the early s.

The turntable as we know it today has only been around for seven or so decades, but its technological roots go back over years. It used a vibrating diaphragm and stylus to record sound waves by tracing them on sheets of paper, but it could only visualise sound waves and could not play them back. It was this concept that led to Thomas Edison’s invention of the phonograph in The forefather of the turntable, Edison’s phonograph initially comprised a grooved cylinder wrapped in tin foil the recording surface that could be turned by a hand crank.

When sound was entered into the mouthpiece, the sound waves made the diaphragm and attached needle vibrate, making indentations in the foil. Edison soon swapped out tinfoil for wax for its better sound and improved durability. Ten years later, , came the next peg along the turntable line: the gramophone. The patent of Emile Berliner, it used a needle to laterally trace spiral grooves onto a cylinder.

Soon, cylinders were replaced by flat discs, initially made of rubber and, later, shellac. While the horn necessary to amplify the sound was initially large, it was altered by US phonograph and record brand Victor Talking Machine Company to tilt down so the whole device could fit in a cabinet. In the s, wind-up players were being replaced by their electric-powered successors, and after the increasing popularity of bulky turntable systems with built-in amplification and speakers, came the rise of the dedicated hi-fi record player.

It’s fair to say this product was a not insignificant step along on the journey to the separates vinyl system. The first stereo turntables were record changers that could play several records in a row.

A Restored Victor III Phonograph

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