Celebrating Ambedkar, the journalist

Dalit History Month is an annual observance as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of the Dalits or Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. R Ambedkar. Dalits are discriminated because of their caste , despite such discrimination being illegal in India. Ambedkar portrait at Dalit History Month event. Dalit literature at a Dalit History Month event. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Annual celebration of Dalit history.


Our vision is a world without caste discrimination. Campaigning for over 20 years, we aim to secure the human rights of Dalits. Join our annual HumanRights Seminar next month! Through this year’s theme “Pandemic and Systemic Discrimination – US, India and Japan”, we will examine racial discrimination against people of African-descent, Dalits and other mirginalised groups. For CasteConversation Ep.

Numerous Dalit activists interviewed noted their debt to Ambedkar, whose image is a permanent fixture atop the home page of the National Campaign on Dalit.

Antenatal Care ANC visits are intended to prevent, identify and treat conditions that may threaten the health of the mother and newborn, and to increase the chance she has a smooth pregnancy and and safe childbirth. The most disadvantaged and underprivileged caste Dalit of Nepal has benefitted the least from maternal health service improvements in the recent years. This study was conducted to determine the rate and factors associated with the antenatal care service utilization among the most disadvantaged ethnic group Dalit women and recommend interventions to improve ANC utilisaiton, in the Mahottari district of Nepal.

A cross-sectional study was conducted during July-December using a structured questionnaire. A total of recently delivered mothers were interviewed covering the entire district. Descriptive statistics, binary and multivariable logistic regression analyses were computed. ANC service utilization is low. So, there is an urgent need to address the issue of ANC quality and discriminatory behaviour of health workers toward Dalit. Currently, Dr.

Beck has published more than academic papers and several widely read books in the areas of risk, health and health management. This article by Dr.

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There is increasing awareness of ecological destruction in the context of “food sovereignty. Identifying appropriate alternatives affirms alternative communities. Dalit communities constitute one such alternative community, whose theological reflections are an important source for an alternative economy of life.

Dalit Community Education / Tackling caste discrimination by creating access to education for over ‘untouchable’ Dalit children, whilst resourcing the wider community to realise their rights. Please find detailed information on the use of cookies on this website in our Data Privacy Statement. Expiry date, Session.

Over the last few months, the whole world has been fighting the COVID pandemic and its huge socio-economic impacts. Persons with disabilities are one of the most excluded groups in societies around the world and are among the hardest hit in terms of fatalities in this crisis. The UN COVID brief, issued in May , states that the global crisis is deepening pre-existing inequalities, exposing the extent of exclusion and highlighting that work on disability inclusion is imperative.

Persons with disabilities are disproportionately impacted by COVID due to inaccessible information, negative attitudes, inaccessible health facilities, social distancing challenges and inadequate social protection measures. Even under normal circumstances, persons with disabilities are less able to access health care, education or employment, and to participate in the community.

They are more likely to live in poverty, experience higher rates of violence, neglect and abuse, and are among the most marginalized in any crisis-affected community. COVID has further compounded this situation, disproportionately impacting persons with disabilities both directly and indirectly. People with disabilities are not homogenous; the group encompasses a wide range of human diversity based on caste, ethnicity, race, sex, religion, geography, impairments and other characteristics.

The degree of impact caused by the COVID pandemic also varies with these intersections, even amongst persons with disabilities. Therefore, it is essential to analyze these impacts with an intersectional lens to reach the most at risk people. This classification is principally based on Hindu mythology and caste-based hierarchical societal structure.

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India’s caste system is among the world’s oldest forms of surviving social stratification. The BBC explains its complexities. The system which divides Hindus into rigid hierarchical groups based on their karma work and dharma the Hindi word for religion, but here it means duty is generally accepted to be more than 3, years old.

Ashok Das, the founder and editor of Dalit Dastak, a monthly print of the first page of Mooknayak, a fortnightly newspaper, founded by Ambedkar. The date will mark years of Ambedkarite journalism—it was the day he.

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Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content. Eradicating poverty in all its forms remains one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. While the number of people living in extreme poverty has dropped by more than half — from 1. Rapid economic growth in countries like China and India has lifted millions out of poverty, but progress has been uneven. Women are disproportionately affected; they are more likely to live in poverty due to unequal access to paid work, education and property.

‘I Could Not Be Hindu’ Is a Unique Testimony to the Sangh’s’ Casteism

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Dalit on the wings of liberation / Catalog Record Only Chiefly on the Public Service Broadcasting Trust (New Delhi, India); Date:

In much of South Asia, race has become coterminous with caste in the definition and exclusion of distinct population groups distinguished by their descent. Despite formal protections in law, discriminatory treatment remains endemic and discriminatory societal norms continue to be reinforced by government structures ranging from the police and the lower courts to state and municipal authorities.

In India alone, close to million so-called “untouchables” or Dalits known in legal parlance as scheduled castes are routinely discriminated against, denied access to land, forced to work in degrading conditions, and routinely abused, even killed, at the hands of the police and of higher-caste groups that enjoy the state’s protection. In what has been called India’s “hidden apartheid,” entire villages in many Indian states remain completely segregated by caste. Despite the fact that untouchability was abolished under India’s constitution in , the practice of untouchabilitythe imposition of social disabilities on persons by reason of birth into a particular caste remains very much a part of rural India.

Untouchables may not cross the line dividing their part of the village from that occupied by higher castes. They may not use the same wells, visit the same temples, drink from the same cups in tea stalls, or lay claim to land that is legally theirs.

Nepal: Authorities must deliver justice for Dalit killings

Members of that group, shunned for centuries as the lowest in society, are now at the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic — seemingly more at risk of infection due to their social status, and increasingly discriminated against for the perceived threat of contagion they pose. After India gained its independence from Britain, in , its new constitution formally banned the practice of untouchability based on caste.

But 70 years on, the system still permeates everyday life.

Website: sites. In urban areas, Dalits largely depend on reservoirs for preservation of water, which are To date the government has no official.

They say casteism is the bigger virus and truly so, a case emerged recently from Telangana where an year-old Dalit boy was brutally assaulted with belts and sticks, stripped, made to lie down on a hot stone and was forced to drink urine when he cried for water. All this shocking treatment after being found dating a year from the community of the accused.

On May 17, the victim from Mala community of Schedule Caste was reportedly attacked after his friend was traced giving him food and water while he hid with his lover at a temple in Jannaram village outskirts. The years-old girl from the Goud community which is categorized as a Backward Caste, eloped with the Dalit boy after allegedly calling him at the temple to meet. Also Read – Bizarre! Though elusive initially, the police detained them near Dharmaram point in Peddapalle district after receiving inputs that the accused were trying to flee on motorcycles.

The accused were arrested under the SC and ST Prevention of Atrocities Act and were also charged under IPC section Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt , Voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means , Punishment for public nuisance and Punishment for criminal intimidation read with 34 of the Indian Penal Code. The accused confessed to their crime following the investigation by the Mancherial police and were subsequently produced before the court.

Cases like these dent the image of communal harmony and take us straight back to the dark ages, hinting that we have not made much progress ever since.

The Dalit Body

On 23 May, in the Devdaha village of Rupandehi district, the body of a year-old Dalit girl was discovered hanging from a tree. The day before, she had been forcibly married to a man from a dominant caste who had raped her. A preliminary police investigation found that she had been raped and murdered.

This contribution brings to our attention a Dalit (‘untouchable’) protest in , a conservative Hindu code dating from 1st century in which rigid practises of On the second page, a picture of the interior with cooking utensils and food strewn.

Tags: Caste , Dalit , Dating , Romance. And so are relationships. We are familiar with the stats from on OKcupid, which showed that black women were the least desirable group Asian men were rated lowest by single women. Closer home, there is no survey to justify a similar situation for Dalit women, for the simple reason that no one has even asked this question yet. My dating experiences began when I was in college. I met my first romantic partner around the same time I was beginning to identify as a feminist.

This was also when I was coming to terms with my Dalit identity, something I was sure would never matter. I believed love conquered everything. And love, contrary to what we have been taught, may not be the most sacred of all feelings. Our attraction for another could be a function of our social locations, defined by caste, class, race, and religion.

Violence against Dalit People even in 70th Independece of the Nation : Special Documentary

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