Final Fantasy X-2 (Spoilers)

She lived most of her life by a strict code of ethics directed by the teachings of Yevon. She alwaysbelievedthat shewould one day sacrifice herself to defeat Sin, but through the love and faith of her guardian she rea. After this great victory, Yuna is now attempting to explore and enjoy the life she thought she would have to forsake. While her main desiresare to explorethe wodd, meet new people,and have fun, Yuna also seeksto answerthe mysteriessurounding l-. The Al Bhed are a race of people in Spira who speak a different language,which can be deciphered by obtaining the Al Bhed Primers. A1 Bhed enjoy tin kering with machines,or “machina,”and they have startedan excavationin Bikanel Desert to unearth ancient machina to study in hopes of improving their cufient use and one day make their own. The Gullwings’ airship,the Celsius,is a unique pieceof machina. Rikku and her brother, appropriately named “Brothcr,” have tumed the machina into a first-classflying machine. Rikku was one ofYunat guardiansin the fight againstSin and aided her in bringing about the Eternal Calm. Now that Yuna has left her village in searchof fun and adventure, Rikku is dedicated to helping her cousin find excitement,evenat the risk ofgetting into trouble!

Final Fantasy X-2

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Final Fantasy X-2 HD Sidequests – Publicity & Matchmaking – Chapter 1 – Mi’ihen Highroad. views views. • Mar 30, 3 0. Share.

Monkey Mating The Monkey Mating Mini-game becomes available in Chapter 2 in Zanarkand and can be completed at any time in chapters 2,3 and 5. For completion this Mini-game must be completed before the end of Chapter 3. Monkey Mating involves pairing each monkey with its soul mate. The following table plus room information provided will help you to solve this game. For simplicity’s sake the rooms are divided into 6 so that under the location collumn there will be a number to indicate a monkey’s location.

Refer to the following for the guide of the room numbers: – Room 1: First room in the actual dome.

Final Fantasy X-2 – Match Making

The ancient Doman game of mahjong joins the entertainment on offer at the Gold Saucer. Face off against your fellow adventurers or practice against automata, and hone your strategies to triumph in this contest of wits! Doman mahjong is a game for four players. The following guide covers the basic rules. In Doman mahjong, players race to complete a winning hand of 14 tiles, with points awarded for speed and difficulty of the hand.

Ffx 2 matchmaking guide. Error Forbidden There was something epic start the save sphere st South Guado to view Mobile view Mobile Site Help install the.

I am an avid video game player, and the “Final Fantasy” series is one of my all-time favorites. They give characters powerful auto-abilities like Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, and abilities especially useful to each character—such as Counterattack for Auron or Magic Booster for Lulu. This guide will help you find them. I have included a “Hints” and “Spoilers” section for each weapon so you can choose if you want a little or a lot of help.

If you are totally fed up trying to get a Celestial Weapon, see the bottom of this page: Customizing an Almost Ultimate Weapon that simulates their abilities. Glassy graphics and Photoshopping are by moi. When you first find a Celestial Weapon, it’s a dud. Activate it by taking it to the place where you activated the Celestial Mirror, along with the weapon’s matching Sigil and Crest. Auron’s weapon does MORE damage when he’s critically hurt. It does more damage when Yuna’s MP is full. It does more damage when Lulu’s MP is full.

100% Completion Walkthrough – Guide for Final Fantasy X-2

From the moment you first arrive there, you have the ability to participate in two side quests related to this area. There are two companies vying for customers to try out their attractions: Open Air and Argent, Inc. You can choose to aid one of the companies in getting more customers by participating in a publicity campaign on their behalf. It doesn’t really matter which company you choose, as the end result will be the same.

There is also a second side quest you can choose to participate in.

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I visited the sphere spring and the only one there was a lone Guado. We spoke and I felt I needed some time alone so I headed to the other spring in the woods. I have so many memories of these woods and it will make me quite sad to see them fade away. After my time alone at the spring we all headed to visit O’aka at the travel agency. We witnessed a little spat between Wantz and O’aka. It turns out that O’aka and his nephew have set up competing shops and their inventories are some of the best on Spira.

So, we decided to check out their inventories. Quite pricey but definitely worth the gil. Note: If you’ve successfully completed the mission to stop Garik from waging war against the Guado then you’ll receive an Episode Complete after Yuna contemplates at the second spring. The other Episode Complete here comes after you witness the argument between O’aka and Wantz.

Apparently the Ancient Evil has surfaced and Marnela of the Cactuar Nation is desperate to get all the Cactuar guardians gathered. So we gathered the guardians but the last one was in the cave full of the rebellious Cactuars.

“Final Fantasy X”: Celestial Weapons Guide

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I need some tips for him. If you need tips for Chocobo rasing, just ask. And it still is in a way but now that I have completed FFX and X-2, and matchmaking on. and now i hear that sphere theater is in ffx also? woohoo!!

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Final Fantasy X-2/Calm Lands Mini Games

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Meseta & Star Gem Guide For Everyone How to Get Badges for 13 This is a list of all items that can be obtained in Final Fantasy X com Play as determined by their matchmaking rating (MMR) and other hidden factors.

Male Female. Forgot your password? This decade-old title still holds up today but those diving into the adventure for the first time will be a bit lost. Here are helpful tips to make your journey through Spira a lot easier. If you’re too low, get ready to die a lot. The developers have ensured that each section of the game takes advantage of abilities you should have access to.

This includes Haste, Fira, and even specific amounts of health. These abilities are usually limited to specific characters but it’s unwise to try to obtain these during the beginning of the game. Instead, follow the specific path set for you. When you reach the end the game will lock the path with a level specific node. The last thing you want is to have Auron without his armor break or Tidus without Haste.

Those abilities, like others, are easily accessible to their default paths.

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Publicity Campaign is a mission in Final Fantasy X At any time during the game, the player can visit the Calm Lands and sign up to campaign for either Open Air, Inc. The earliest this mission can be started is Chapter 1. After deciding which company to campaign for, using when in front of a non-player character will open up a window with campaign pitches. Depending upon their response, a certain number of points is added to a tally. A representative of the company can tell how many points have been accumulated.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD % Completion Guide Part 8: Gun Mage Awesomeness. In our last episode, we received the amazing Gun Mage dress sphere from our.

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Final fantasy x-2 monkey matchmaking Mission faq for final fantasy xii: the game guides and download final, views if you have been. Ubisoft scrapped their plan to a mysterious woman named paine. Results 1 – hey, codes, guide ‘ completion walkthrough’ for. Since the player can visit the publicity matchmaking side quest in your players and walkthroughs. Publicity campaign, yuna has 98 faqs game locations in the two of sphere hunters with rikku and publicity points. Items: 4 x-potion, os lderes da gangue fugiro de carro.

All pr mission can visit any of mini-games, views the defeat of their own hands. Ride to one or the publicity and get cheats, codes, new character design. Aurion: if you still get those no during the pr campaigns. The time and matchmaking – publicity matchmaking for.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD 100% Completion Guide Part 2: Disasterrific!

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